Online Sex Addiction Therapy Group for Men Beginning May 2, 2016

An online sex addiction therapy group is beginning for men on May 2, 2016.  Establishing a culture of support and reducing isolation are essential tasks in early and long-standing recovery for sexual compulsivity, sex addiction, problematic sexual behavior, and/or unhealthy sexual behavior.  While 12-step groups offer a wonderful way of working with folks that struggle with the same things that others may be struggling with, not everyone is comfortable with the 12-step model, comfortable with going to a 12-step meeting, available during times when meetings meet, or have access at all to 12-step meetings.  And some people would like a more therapeutic approach to their group work as part of their therapy and recovery.  This group can be in addition to 12-step work or instead of.

Accessibility and Scope
An online sex addiction therapy group may be exactly what is needed, and due to demand and lack of resources for group work in the underserved areas of the states I work in (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas), I’ve decided to offer an online sex addiction therapy group for men beginning May 2, 2016.  Please email me for me details.

While I am generally limiting my scope to clients residing in the states that I am licensed in (ME, MA, NH, NY, and TX), some states offer exceptions/exemptions on working with a therapist who is licensed in another jurisdiction.  If you are from another state and would like your client or you to join our group therapy group, a call will need to be placed to the Board of Mental Health Practice, Licensing Board for Marriage and Family Therapists, or other licensing body to see if one can work in this group.

The group will be an hour long and will draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities including psychoeducational, cognitive-behavioral, skills development, support, and interpersonal process group therapy.  I am eclectic in my work with clients who are struggling with sexual behavior and draw from all work that is good and effective, including Patrick Carnes work.  My work not only addresses problematic sexual behavior, but healthy sexual behavior with oneself and partner(s).


Please feel free to contact me with more questions or for more information.