SexTherapy-Online provides quality, professional sex therapy services for individuals seeking a sex therapist and specialist in problematic sexual behavior and out-of-control sexual behavior residing in the following states:
Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas.

If you live outside any of these states, you may be eligible for my sex coaching and education services.  Sex coaching and education is different from sex therapy because it offers specific suggestions for your sexual issue and NOT intensive therapy.  Most sex coaching clients do eventually pursue sex therapy or therapeutic services within their own jurisdiction, and use sex coaching and education as an adjunct to their therapy for sexual specific issues that benefit from coaching.  If you don’t understand the difference between sex coaching and sex therapy, feel free to read a blog I wrote about this topic entitled: Sex Coaching, Sex Counseling, Sex Therapy.

Client Sex Therapy Services

90-minute Initial Sexual Assessment Session for Individuals and Relationships
All sex therapy clients initially start with a 90-minute Sexual Assessment Session.  This can be a stand alone service or the beginning of our therapeutic journey.  This service includes a 15-minute consultation phone call with a collaborating professional.  The purpose of this session is to assess the individual and relationship concerns as a whole, determine if sex therapy is appropriate for the client, and to offer any other resources/referrals to the client(s).

75-minute Individual Assessment Session
After completing the initial 90-minute initial assessment session, the therapist can suggest to do a deeper assessment on sexual history and sexual functioning.  This session is for 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) and is a required session if being seen in the context of a relationship (each individual client in the relationship will have their own 75-minute Individual Assessment Session).

50 Minute Follow Up Sex Therapy Sessions
(Dependent on the needs determined by the assessment:)
Sex Therapy/Sex Counseling
Sex Education
Individual Counseling
Relationship Counseling

Collaborating Professional Phone Calls to coordinate treatment with collaborating professionals.

Group Therapy
1-1.5 hour group therapy sessions will be offered online to clients in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Texas and other states with Board approval.  Please contact therapist for more information regarding groups.  

Additional services may be offered.  Please consult with the therapist.

Sex Coaching and Education Services

Email Sex Coaching and Education
If you are looking for fast and personalized information for a specific sexual issue, email coaching might be a effective and affordable source for you.  Once you sign up as a email coaching client, you will be sent instructions on how to register as a new email coaching client, which will include taking an assessment and filling out a biographical information form.  Your answers will help me best to formulate an email response so I encourage you to be as detailed as possible.

I use a HIPAA compliant secure email system for you to write one email to me and for me to respond with an email.  In general, my email response will be between 500 and 1000 words.  Your email to me can be as detailed as you would like- there is no limit to the length or detail of the email you write to me.

For more information regarding Sex Coaching and Education services, please fill out the form below.

Professional Services

Individual Clinical Supervision
Group Clinical Supervision
Professional Consultation
Online Therapy Mentoring Consultation

For more information about services offered and fees, please contact Rhiannon C. Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST, S-PSB, EAP-A at 512.765.4741.  You can also reach her via email at rhiannon[at]

Most sex therapy services are provided online however there is availability for in office appointments for clients in Austin, TX.