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SexTherapy-Online provides online sex therapy services to individuals and relationships and in-person services in Austin, TX..

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Can Kink Scenes Help Resolve Trauma?

Many people have reported how kink and BDSM have helped them work through traumatic situations in their past however, there wasn’t much research/data around how kink and BDSM could help someone work through past traumatic events in their life. I recently completed a course from TASHRA (The Alter...

Healing Sexual Grief

What is sexual grief? According to Edy Nathan (2023), sexual grief is a natural response to an unnatural sexually traumatic event or experience which can occur over the span of one’s life. I recently took a webinar from Edy, who was talking about her book-in-the-works, Healing Sexu...


SexTherapy-Online has been offering services to both clients and professionals using a convenient online model or in person work in Austin, TX for over 13 years. These services include a sexual assessment, sex therapy/sex counseling sessions, sex coaching, sex education, individual counseling, relationship counseling, clinical supervision, professional consultation, and professional mentoring.

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Scheduling an appointment is easy and secure. You can schedule your first appointment by clicking the calendar above to be brought to her convenient registering and scheduling site. If you are looking for same day appointments or to schedule your appointment over the phone, please text the therapist at 512.765.4741 or email at rhiannon[at]

About the Sex Therapist

Hey there- thanks for stopping by. I know this journey towards your optimal sexual health and wellness is overwhelming and finding a therapist to help you get to where you want to go can seem even MORE overwhelming. I believe that the journey my clients take to get to this page, in this moment, is exactly where they need to be to start to facilitate change in their lives. Get to know me and see if I might be a good fit by reading more...

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is the clinical treatment of sexual issues, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual compulsive behavior and sex addiction as well as therapy to help support partners of those with sexual issues. I also say that sex therapy is LIFE therapy, meaning we don\'t just talk about sex in our work- we deal with all aspects of life that might be impacting the sexual part of our lives. You can read more about what sex therapy is and isn\'t, here.