My #fetishfriday episodes are very popular on YouTube, with subscribers and viewers from all over the world!  My second most popular video is on #Ballbusting and from that video, viewers have requested me to do another couple videos: one on #cuntbusting and one of how to do ballbusting and cuntbusting safely.  In doing my research on the safety factors in ballbusting and cuntbusting, I couldn’t find very much accessible information besides pornography, which prompted me to write this blog on how to do ballbusting and cuntbusting safely!

In case you haven’t seen my two videos, here they are, explaining what ballbusting and cuntbusting is:


What is ballbusting and why do people like it?

Ballbusting is the general colloquial term for any type of cock and ball torture directly involving the testicles.  Ballbusting is the squeezing, tight binding, slapping, spanking, hitting, punching, kicking, or striking of the testicles, scrotum, or perineum using hands, feet, or torture aids such as whips, chains, paddles, floggers, humblers, or other manmade devices.

kick photo

ballbuster is the person who administers these activities and can be any orientation or gender.  (Kinkly, 2018)

Neuro-chemically, endorphins can be released during the pain of ball busting that can create a sexual high or enhance sexual pleasure, especially if the man is already sexually aroused.  In some cases, a man will ejaculate during ball busting.

Ballbusting and BDSM

Ballbusting is a CONSENSUAL act performed by adults who understand their roles and the purpose of what they are doing.  Ballbusting touches upon all of the BDSM subcategories: Bondage (tying/binding of the testicles), Dominance/Submission (dominant usually is the ballbuster, submissive is usually the ballbustee), Discipline (ballbusting is a form of humiliation and punishment), and Sadism/Masochism.  Many people who enjoy being ballbusters have a sadistic side (like causing pain in others) and many who enjoy ballbusting are masochistic in that they experience pleasure through pain.  Men who are ballbusted often have a fetish for shoes, boots, feet, or legs.  Ballbustees (men who are being ballbusted) report feeling pleasure from the vulnerability that they feel when being ball busted.  The dominant/submissive power dynamic creates a lot of pleasure and can become aroused at the thought of their master busting their balls (Kinkly, 2018).

People like ballbusting for a variety of reasons and the testicles are a common target on a submissive’s body for a dominant as the testes are often seen to represent a man’s sexuality.  People report finding ballbusting erotic because the testicles are important for sex and reproduction and the thought of nullifying these organs can be very arousing for a dominant partner (Kinkly, 2018).

shock photoBallbusters report enjoying the power they feel when they bring a submissive man to his knees in shock and pain.  There doesn’t need to be much stimulation or force behind ball busting as it is such a sensitive area, and it can bring dominants a great deal of pleasure and entertainment.

Other Variations of Ballbusting

Ballbusting is also known as tamakeri, a Japenese term that means “testicle kicking”.  Tamakeri tends to put an emphasis on martial arts and self-defense by showing women attacking mens testicles.  It mostly focuses on attacks by women and often involves sexual intercourse after the attack.

Other variations of ballbusting or cock-and-ball torture can be:

Ball stretching

Cock cages

Needles/Nails through Scrotum and Penis

Injecting Penis

A way less popular known fetish is the fetish of cuntbusting- read and watch more about this curious fetish:


Cuntbusting, as a parallel to ballbusting, is a masochistic/power activity in which a female is struck in the groin. This may involve kneeing, kicking, punching, clawing and squeezing, using the knees, or any other object to inflict pain upon the sensitive Bartholin’s Glands within the female’s vulva or upon the clitoris itself. This can be performed by any gender or orientation but is also performed on a woman, by another woman.

Cuntbusting in terms of a fetish, is a consensual, sexual act aimed to create pleasure from the pain of being struck, hit, kicked, stomped, or otherwise impacted in the vulva or vaginal area.

For the same reasons as ballbusting, cuntbusting can also engage all of the BDSM dynamics.  Many cuntbustees are tied up during a cunt busting session, or restricted (bondage) and are being disciplined or punished by their mistresses/masters/tops/dominant.  Most report either one side and/or the other side enjoying their role (the sadistic/masochistic dynamic) and all parties often report it is a fun activity (even if it is painful, because for some, that is the fun).

Interestingly enough, however, that while men often enjoy watching or fantasizing about cuntbusting, there is often more acceptability for female-to-female cuntbusting rather than male-to-female cuntbusting.  I have some theories of why that is, but can’t validate it with anything online or immediately accessible so I’ll keep them to myself right now.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of valid information out there (when googling cuntbusting, you really only get pornography, youtube videos of cuntbusting in movies and on clips [mostly funny], and one guy who wrote two books of poetry on cuntbusting).

Poem 3
May your cunt be busted
So it will sting
Then when you’ve recovered
Search for cuntbusting on Bing

-Andrew Bushard, Let’s Cherish Cuntbusting, 2015

Poem 2
This world needs ballbusting
Never forget it
Just not now
Instead, it’s cuntbusting time
More and more cuntbusting
A fetish we need to spread

– Andrew Bushard, Let’s Use Free Speech to Exalt Cuntbusting, 2015

Also known as twat busting, pussy kicks, cunt splitting, taco shots, and cunt punt (are there others?) a simple search won’t result in very much, hence why I wrote this blog to help folks who are interested in ballbusting-cuntbusting

How to “bust” safely

The biggest concern about ball- or cuntbusting is doing it safely as not to cause permanent damage or extreme pain.  These areas are extremely sensitive and need to be handled and interacted with with care.

Whenever we engage in any type of impact play we have to take special care to make sure that our PLAY does not permanently or even temporarily cause us physical, psychological, or emotional harm.

Whats also important is that we don’t sacrifice safety for the pleasure/pain dynamic and that we are aware when we are in subspace, we can often tolerate very high levels of pain but that doesn’t necessarily mean our tolerance equates to safety.  Pain is a good indicator of going too far- but how do we reconcile the fact in ballbusting-cuntbusting that the POINT is often pain?

In cunt busting, the point of contact aims to be the clitoris, vulva, and pelvis and a full on impact kick or punch can actually compress the clitoris and vulva against the pelvis and pelvic bones causing extreme pain and possibly lead to chronic pain issues like bruising on the vulva and clitoris, bruising to the pelvic bone, and vulvodynia.

This pain can negatively affect other sexual experiences, in the short term and the long term.  A bruised pelvis can make other sexual and non-sexual experiences painful, and long term pain and impact on the vulva/vagina/clitoris can reduce sensitivity or create longterm pain (some cyclists and horseback riders report repeated impact can create pain and reduce sensitivity during sexual stimulation).  A straddle injury is an injury when there is impact to the pelvis and cuntbusting and ballbusting can often result in this.

In ball busting, the point of contact actually aims to be the balls, and pain can be accomplished without direct impact to the pelvis, which may reduce pain, compression, and damage to internal organs, but still is risky to the testes and general reproductive system.  This brings up the point of ballbusting affecting fertility.  Some research studies have reported “evidence of subfertility” with research participants with testicular trauma  (Kukadia et al., 1996).

There have been some reports of people being afraid of a “ruptured testicle” but no one reporting that that has happened.  Some report that testosterone can decrease with impact but I found no research studies confirming this.

With ballbusting, there is concern about damage to other parts of the “plumbing”.  Looking at the graphic below, you can see how sensitive and close other important parts of the reproductive system are to the testes:

It’s important that we make sure that what we are doing doesn’t damage any of these other essential reproductive AND urinary functions.

Other risks in ball busting:

Penile Fracture

Testicular Trauma

To learn more about testes and why they are so important to take care of, read 9 Ballbusting Things You Should Know About Testicles 

Here are some safety tips

  1. Discuss long before you do anything with ballbusting-cuntbusting with your partner(s) about why you are interested in it and what about it turns you on or interests you.  Listen to your partners view with an open mind and without judgment.  It took a lot for your partner to bring this up to you- most people are very ashamed about their desire to play with this.
  2. If you do decide to pursue this with a partner, make sure you have some safe words to go along with the play.  I like the Stoplight Format for safewords, as it allows you to give feedback to your partner(s) about where you are at.
  3. Begin to categorize what you want to try in a few different ways:
    1. Figure out what are Mild/Moderate/Severe Activities and what you want to be doing:
      1. Mild Ballbusting-Cuntbusting: slaps/pinches
      2. Moderate: kicks, knees, punches
      3. Severe: getting tied up and and a bat being taken full force to the genitals
    2. Levels of Force
      1. On a scale of 1-100% force, figure out what that looks like.
      2. Practice on a pillow or a punching bag at the gym- figure out a common language with your partner so they don’t come at it at 100% force your first go around.
      3. Some folks recommend staying at 50% force for safety and pleasure reasons.
  4. Contract with your partner around this type of play and put it into writing.  This is important to have in case a healthcare provider or law enforcement gets involved and doesn’t understand that this type of play is consensual.  Read more from the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom about this issue (and if you haven’t considered it you should since abuse vs. consensual play is often a little gray in the eyes of the law):
    1. Consensual SM Activities: A Field Guide for Law Enforcement
    2. SM Issues for Healthcare Providers
    3. Police Interactions ? What to do when you deal with police
  5. Take precautions to engage in this safely
    1. Wear a cup, jockstrap, or jillstrap with severe impact play.  I know it might not be as sexy as just doing it (but you can find sexy-ish ones out there that might fulfill other fantasies), but if you want to be able to play for a while, you need to keep yourself healthy.
    2. Have the buster wear soft/padded shoes to absorb some of the impact.  If using fists, use boxing gloves for padding.  If using the foot, use kickboxing foam boots for more padding.  Take care of both the buster and the bustee as both can get injured.
    3. Have a mentor that is also into this who might more experience in it to give you tips and tricks of the trade and be a place you can ask questions.  Having a community around this type of impact play is really important for checks and balances to make sure you have someone to check in with about whether what you are doing is SAFE, SANE and consensual (sometimes subjectively we can’t always be the person to know what is “safe” and “sane” if we derive pleasure from pain.
  6. Know when to seek medical attention.  Here are some suggestions on when to seek medical attention:
    1. Severe pain in the region
    2. Any penetrating injury to the scrotum/vulva
    3. Bruising and/or swelling of the scrotum/vulva
    4. Trouble peeing or blood in the urine
    5. Fevers after testicular injury or vulval injury
  7. Know your limits- just because it feels good doesn’t mean you should go harder.  There is real risk to this type of impact play so don’t push yourself.  See if you can find a sweet spot where pleasure is maximized and damage/risk in minimized.

I hope those practicing this out there have found this article helpful and that it filled in some gaps for folks who are practicing ballbusting-cuntbusting.  As a disclaimer, I want to be clear that I am not a sex worker, professional dominatrix, or someone who will or does engage in this practice.  I am a sex therapist who is trying to make a difference in the field and help people engage their kinky side in a safe and consensual way.

If you are seeking a sex therapist and reside in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas, please fill out the form below.  If you are seeking a therapist in another state, I suggest going to and seeking out a therapist in your state.  Happy busting!