Pantyhose Fetish

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Recently, I published a #FetishFriday episode on pantyhose fetish and what ensued really was quite impressive (See my full channel here: youtube.com/RhiannonBeauregard).

My two most popular videos were on the site for 11 and 10 months and grossed over 10,000 and 7,800 views respectively (those were on #AdultBabyDiaperLovers and #Ballbusting).  My Pantyhose Fetish #FetishFriday video was on YouTube for just ONE WEEK and grossed over 6,200 views… making me think that perhaps folks who are into pantyhose fetish are really looking for information and there are a LOT of people out there that like it.  So I figured I would write a blog on some of the questions that people brought up about Pantyhose Fetishes and provide more information on this pleasurable and popular fetish.

Who is into Pantyhose Fetish?

There aren’t many statistics about what genders likes pantyhose fetishes or how each gender participates.  Generally, more men than women like to see women in pantyhose and eroticize women wearing pantyhose.  Men also like to wear pantyhose.   Women often like wearing pantyhose and enjoy how it feels and looks, but also like turning their partner(s) on.  Non-binary/trans/queer folks also love pantyhose and I would suspect that this fetish is high up on the list for folks who are transgender as well as those that like trans/non-binary and queer.  So in short, I’d say its probably a pretty popular fetish amongst all genders and probably an equal amount of people like to wear as like to see others wear.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any good data about people who like pantyhose so I’m just giving you my best estimates.

Some reports say that more men than women enjoy this fetish, but I don’t really think we have the data to back that up (Kinkly, 2018).  One blogger described pantyhose fetish as “male-dominated” but again I think actual data is limited: https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2015/09/25/getting-a-leg-up-a-brief-look-at-pantyhose-fetishism/?fbclid=IwAR0UwV_m2VA6QqV8wo1Cvd598UFVTe-mFOmAhKlDAx0rvYnALvzgfoWjhQQ

How do pantyhose fetishists like to participate with pantyhose?

pantyhose photoThis is largely variant, some like to wear it, some like to touch it, some like to see others wear it, some like to sniff it, some like to watch someone put it on or take it off, some like to be tied up with it, some like to be choked by it, some people like to be gagged by it, some like to be forced to wear it, some like to buy it, and on and on it goes.  Pantyhose is such a versatile tool sexually that it can be used for just about anything!

Below are some ways that people get sexually and sensually aroused with pantyhose through their pantyhose fetish (can be one, multiple, or all!):

  • Wearing pantyhose
  • Watching others wear pantyhose
  • Buying pantyhose
  • Watching others put on/take off pantyhose
  • Using pantyhose as bondage restraints and gags
  • Putting on and off pantyhose
  • Being forced to wear pantyhose

What are some theories on why people are into pantyhose?

There appears to be three main reasons why people like pantyhose:

  1. They like the way it looks
  2. They like the way it feels
  3. They like the idea of it

One blogger described her love of pantyhose in this way:
“Pantyhose possess enormous power, yet, by design, they are extremely delicate and feminine, causing an irresistible vulnerability for the wearer.” (ActSensuous Blog, 2008)

My thoughts are that pantyhose are a very sensual material, and activate a lot of different senses:

    • Visual: the look of pantyhose, either the way you look in it or the way that someone else looks in them
    • Tactile: the feel of the pantyhose- this is a predominant reason why, people love the way pantyhose feels on them or when they touch them or how it feels to have their legs rub together in them.  The tactile sense is highly activated with pantyhose.  Also, people report how sliding pantyhose into a show is also very smooth and pleasurable, so how a pantyhosed person interacts with other objects, like clothes, shoes, etc.
    • Olfactory: the smell of pantyhose, specifically how pantyhose makes genitals and feet smell.  Traditionally, pantyhose aren’t a very “breathable” material and often cause feet and genitals/groin to sweat/perspire more, which creates more odor and a special type of odor- which many people report as being very pleasurable.  Foot smelling is a fetish in and of itself, and is often accentuated by pantyhose.  Here is my #FetishFriday video on #Footsmelling:

  • Taste: I am not sure if pantyhose has a particular taste, but it relates to the above odor/perspiration that pantyhose inspires that relates to taste with oral sex and feet licking.  From the increased perspiration, increase the odor (not always bad, just different and specific) that people find very pleasurable.
  • Auditory: I think this sense is very subtle and can either be no sound at all, or just a subtle rubbing/sliding sound when they are worn.  But also can be very activating of sexual arousal.

 Are there any thoughts to why this fetish is created?

This is an interesting question.  Many people point to this fetish being created in an older generation of sexually active adults, specifically those that might have had female teachers, babysitters, caregivers, even their parents secretaries when they were little sort of always following a dress code of “women wear hose and heels” and so their eroticization of womens’ legs and pantyhose stemmed (no pun intended 🙂 from these early experiences.

I think also the sensual nature of pantyhose contributes to why people like it and why it is eroticized.

Across the board, most experts agree that a pantyhose fetish often begins in childhood, but that isn’t to say that some people develop pantyhose fetishes in young adulthood and adulthood.

Here are some thoughts by pantyhose users on how their fetish developed:

“I think mine developed over time as my Grandma would raise her skirt and adjust her stockings quite frequently. She had great legs for her age and overtime I would watch for her to adjust. I even found myself looking for women getting in or out of car doors as we all now Leg shots occur. As a Truck Driver I found myself gazing into passing cars on the highway. I also wore them at every chance I got at the homes of my Aunts and of course my own mom’s. until I could purchase them on my own. Internet buying made it even easier. Earliest time I can remember is around ten years old and I still war them off and on at 67.” (DB, 2018)

“What drives my passion for pantyhose on women? Like many other comments on this post, it started during childhood. My mother was…and still is a very elegant woman. My 4th grade teacher wore dresses, pantyhose and heels all the time. In middle school the passion really kicked up a few nothces. That’s when I really started liking girls, and girls back then in the 80’s wore them all the time. Yes. In middle school. With dresses and high heels. So did some of the teachers. My stepmother also was, and still is very elegant and wore them all the time. So I assume my father liked them too, we have never discussed this, but it is evident that my taste for women who wear them followed along with his. Pantyhose legs always got my attention, even before puberty. Then there was the TV commercials, Daisy Duke, and the Solid Gold Dancers. My junior year I lost my virginity to my step-sister. She wasn’t my step-sister yet at the time. It was when my Dad was dating my step-mother. She was six years older than me, and we got along great. For some reason she was comfortable to be around….and like her mom….wore pantyhose all the time. They even looked more like sisters rather than mom and daughter. Anyways, my first sexual experience was with a lady in pantyhose. It was quite a sensation, and from that moment on I was locked in, and began to rapidly climb out of my shell.” (AxelX10, 2017)

“I didn’t know about my fetish at the time but a few years ago my mom told me when I was a young child around three or four years old I would sit under the dining room table after church or whatever and feel on women’s legs that were in pantyhose like my aunts, my mom’s friends or whoever was wearing them. Not In a sexual way of course but she guessed that I just like the feel of them or something … My mom doesn’t know about my fetish with pantyhose, legs and feet as an adult, but when she told me that story at random I knew then … That’s where it first began for me. My fetish for legs, pantyhose and feet has only grown.” (Ink, 2017)

What are some other fetishes that might go along with a pantyhose fetish?

From my research and comments made by my viewers, people who are into pantyhose can also be into a variety of other kinks and fetishes out there including:

    • Foot smelling fetish (pantyhose often creates a sweaty, odorous foot which many foot smelling kinky folk just love)
    • Foot fetish (with pantyhose)
    • Being into legs (shapely, long, strong, etc.)
    • School girl fetish (as they wear pantyhose)
    • High heel fetish (with pantyhose)

If you want more information about pantyhose as a fetish, this blog post and then the HUNDREDS of comments on it provides a really rich source of education and experience from all different types of folks that enjoy pantyhose- I highly recommend the read: https://actsensuous.blog/2010/04/11/what-drives-our-fetish-for-pantyhose/?fbclid=IwAR0t79sFh9MyJWcexluDfgJ9LheJm7hQI0kek7z9MwPo6uGLxVCjtSpox1I

And if you are located in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas, and are looking for a sex therapist, please feel free to submit this form below and I’ll get in touch with you about starting sex therapy.

Introduction to Ballbusting and Cuntbusting: How to Do it Safely!

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My #fetishfriday episodes are very popular on YouTube, with subscribers and viewers from all over the world!  My second most popular video is on #Ballbusting and from that video, viewers have requested me to do another couple videos: one on #cuntbusting and one of how to do ballbusting and cuntbusting safely.  In doing my research on the safety factors in ballbusting and cuntbusting, I couldn’t find very much accessible information besides pornography, which prompted me to write this blog on how to do ballbusting and cuntbusting safely!

In case you haven’t seen my two videos, here they are, explaining what ballbusting and cuntbusting is:


What is ballbusting and why do people like it?

Ballbusting is the general colloquial term for any type of cock and ball torture directly involving the testicles.  Ballbusting is the squeezing, tight binding, slapping, spanking, hitting, punching, kicking, or striking of the testicles, scrotum, or perineum using hands, feet, or torture aids such as whips, chains, paddles, floggers, humblers, or other manmade devices.

kick photo

ballbuster is the person who administers these activities and can be any orientation or gender.  (Kinkly, 2018)

Neuro-chemically, endorphins can be released during the pain of ball busting that can create a sexual high or enhance sexual pleasure, especially if the man is already sexually aroused.  In some cases, a man will ejaculate during ball busting.

Ballbusting and BDSM

Ballbusting is a CONSENSUAL act performed by adults who understand their roles and the purpose of what they are doing.  Ballbusting touches upon all of the BDSM subcategories: Bondage (tying/binding of the testicles), Dominance/Submission (dominant usually is the ballbuster, submissive is usually the ballbustee), Discipline (ballbusting is a form of humiliation and punishment), and Sadism/Masochism.  Many people who enjoy being ballbusters have a sadistic side (like causing pain in others) and many who enjoy ballbusting are masochistic in that they experience pleasure through pain.  Men who are ballbusted often have a fetish for shoes, boots, feet, or legs.  Ballbustees (men who are being ballbusted) report feeling pleasure from the vulnerability that they feel when being ball busted.  The dominant/submissive power dynamic creates a lot of pleasure and can become aroused at the thought of their master busting their balls (Kinkly, 2018).

People like ballbusting for a variety of reasons and the testicles are a common target on a submissive’s body for a dominant as the testes are often seen to represent a man’s sexuality.  People report finding ballbusting erotic because the testicles are important for sex and reproduction and the thought of nullifying these organs can be very arousing for a dominant partner (Kinkly, 2018).

shock photoBallbusters report enjoying the power they feel when they bring a submissive man to his knees in shock and pain.  There doesn’t need to be much stimulation or force behind ball busting as it is such a sensitive area, and it can bring dominants a great deal of pleasure and entertainment.

Other Variations of Ballbusting

Ballbusting is also known as tamakeri, a Japenese term that means “testicle kicking”.  Tamakeri tends to put an emphasis on martial arts and self-defense by showing women attacking mens testicles.  It mostly focuses on attacks by women and often involves sexual intercourse after the attack.

Other variations of ballbusting or cock-and-ball torture can be:

Ball stretching

Cock cages

Needles/Nails through Scrotum and Penis

Injecting Penis

A way less popular known fetish is the fetish of cuntbusting- read and watch more about this curious fetish:


Cuntbusting, as a parallel to ballbusting, is a masochistic/power activity in which a female is struck in the groin. This may involve kneeing, kicking, punching, clawing and squeezing, using the knees, or any other object to inflict pain upon the sensitive Bartholin’s Glands within the female’s vulva or upon the clitoris itself. This can be performed by any gender or orientation but is also performed on a woman, by another woman.

Cuntbusting in terms of a fetish, is a consensual, sexual act aimed to create pleasure from the pain of being struck, hit, kicked, stomped, or otherwise impacted in the vulva or vaginal area.

For the same reasons as ballbusting, cuntbusting can also engage all of the BDSM dynamics.  Many cuntbustees are tied up during a cunt busting session, or restricted (bondage) and are being disciplined or punished by their mistresses/masters/tops/dominant.  Most report either one side and/or the other side enjoying their role (the sadistic/masochistic dynamic) and all parties often report it is a fun activity (even if it is painful, because for some, that is the fun).

Interestingly enough, however, that while men often enjoy watching or fantasizing about cuntbusting, there is often more acceptability for female-to-female cuntbusting rather than male-to-female cuntbusting.  I have some theories of why that is, but can’t validate it with anything online or immediately accessible so I’ll keep them to myself right now.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of valid information out there (when googling cuntbusting, you really only get pornography, youtube videos of cuntbusting in movies and on clips [mostly funny], and one guy who wrote two books of poetry on cuntbusting).

Poem 3
May your cunt be busted
So it will sting
Then when you’ve recovered
Search for cuntbusting on Bing

-Andrew Bushard, Let’s Cherish Cuntbusting, 2015

Poem 2
This world needs ballbusting
Never forget it
Just not now
Instead, it’s cuntbusting time
More and more cuntbusting
A fetish we need to spread

– Andrew Bushard, Let’s Use Free Speech to Exalt Cuntbusting, 2015

Also known as twat busting, pussy kicks, cunt splitting, taco shots, and cunt punt (are there others?) a simple search won’t result in very much, hence why I wrote this blog to help folks who are interested in ballbusting-cuntbusting

How to “bust” safely

The biggest concern about ball- or cuntbusting is doing it safely as not to cause permanent damage or extreme pain.  These areas are extremely sensitive and need to be handled and interacted with with care.

Whenever we engage in any type of impact play we have to take special care to make sure that our PLAY does not permanently or even temporarily cause us physical, psychological, or emotional harm.

Whats also important is that we don’t sacrifice safety for the pleasure/pain dynamic and that we are aware when we are in subspace, we can often tolerate very high levels of pain but that doesn’t necessarily mean our tolerance equates to safety.  Pain is a good indicator of going too far- but how do we reconcile the fact in ballbusting-cuntbusting that the POINT is often pain?

In cunt busting, the point of contact aims to be the clitoris, vulva, and pelvis and a full on impact kick or punch can actually compress the clitoris and vulva against the pelvis and pelvic bones causing extreme pain and possibly lead to chronic pain issues like bruising on the vulva and clitoris, bruising to the pelvic bone, and vulvodynia.

This pain can negatively affect other sexual experiences, in the short term and the long term.  A bruised pelvis can make other sexual and non-sexual experiences painful, and long term pain and impact on the vulva/vagina/clitoris can reduce sensitivity or create longterm pain (some cyclists and horseback riders report repeated impact can create pain and reduce sensitivity during sexual stimulation).  A straddle injury is an injury when there is impact to the pelvis and cuntbusting and ballbusting can often result in this.

In ball busting, the point of contact actually aims to be the balls, and pain can be accomplished without direct impact to the pelvis, which may reduce pain, compression, and damage to internal organs, but still is risky to the testes and general reproductive system.  This brings up the point of ballbusting affecting fertility.  Some research studies have reported “evidence of subfertility” with research participants with testicular trauma  (Kukadia et al., 1996).

There have been some reports of people being afraid of a “ruptured testicle” but no one reporting that that has happened.  Some report that testosterone can decrease with impact but I found no research studies confirming this.

With ballbusting, there is concern about damage to other parts of the “plumbing”.  Looking at the graphic below, you can see how sensitive and close other important parts of the reproductive system are to the testes:

It’s important that we make sure that what we are doing doesn’t damage any of these other essential reproductive AND urinary functions.

Other risks in ball busting:

Penile Fracture

Testicular Trauma

To learn more about testes and why they are so important to take care of, read 9 Ballbusting Things You Should Know About Testicles 

Here are some safety tips

  1. Discuss long before you do anything with ballbusting-cuntbusting with your partner(s) about why you are interested in it and what about it turns you on or interests you.  Listen to your partners view with an open mind and without judgment.  It took a lot for your partner to bring this up to you- most people are very ashamed about their desire to play with this.
  2. If you do decide to pursue this with a partner, make sure you have some safe words to go along with the play.  I like the Stoplight Format for safewords, as it allows you to give feedback to your partner(s) about where you are at.
  3. Begin to categorize what you want to try in a few different ways:
    1. Figure out what are Mild/Moderate/Severe Activities and what you want to be doing:
      1. Mild Ballbusting-Cuntbusting: slaps/pinches
      2. Moderate: kicks, knees, punches
      3. Severe: getting tied up and and a bat being taken full force to the genitals
    2. Levels of Force
      1. On a scale of 1-100% force, figure out what that looks like.
      2. Practice on a pillow or a punching bag at the gym- figure out a common language with your partner so they don’t come at it at 100% force your first go around.
      3. Some folks recommend staying at 50% force for safety and pleasure reasons.
  4. Contract with your partner around this type of play and put it into writing.  This is important to have in case a healthcare provider or law enforcement gets involved and doesn’t understand that this type of play is consensual.  Read more from the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom about this issue (and if you haven’t considered it you should since abuse vs. consensual play is often a little gray in the eyes of the law):
    1. Consensual SM Activities: A Field Guide for Law Enforcement
    2. SM Issues for Healthcare Providers
    3. Police Interactions ? What to do when you deal with police
  5. Take precautions to engage in this safely
    1. Wear a cup, jockstrap, or jillstrap with severe impact play.  I know it might not be as sexy as just doing it (but you can find sexy-ish ones out there that might fulfill other fantasies), but if you want to be able to play for a while, you need to keep yourself healthy.
    2. Have the buster wear soft/padded shoes to absorb some of the impact.  If using fists, use boxing gloves for padding.  If using the foot, use kickboxing foam boots for more padding.  Take care of both the buster and the bustee as both can get injured.
    3. Have a mentor that is also into this who might more experience in it to give you tips and tricks of the trade and be a place you can ask questions.  Having a community around this type of impact play is really important for checks and balances to make sure you have someone to check in with about whether what you are doing is SAFE, SANE and consensual (sometimes subjectively we can’t always be the person to know what is “safe” and “sane” if we derive pleasure from pain.
  6. Know when to seek medical attention.  Here are some suggestions on when to seek medical attention:
    1. Severe pain in the region
    2. Any penetrating injury to the scrotum/vulva
    3. Bruising and/or swelling of the scrotum/vulva
    4. Trouble peeing or blood in the urine
    5. Fevers after testicular injury or vulval injury
  7. Know your limits- just because it feels good doesn’t mean you should go harder.  There is real risk to this type of impact play so don’t push yourself.  See if you can find a sweet spot where pleasure is maximized and damage/risk in minimized.

I hope those practicing this out there have found this article helpful and that it filled in some gaps for folks who are practicing ballbusting-cuntbusting.  As a disclaimer, I want to be clear that I am not a sex worker, professional dominatrix, or someone who will or does engage in this practice.  I am a sex therapist who is trying to make a difference in the field and help people engage their kinky side in a safe and consensual way.

If you are seeking a sex therapist and reside in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Texas, please fill out the form below.  If you are seeking a therapist in another state, I suggest going to www.aasect.org and seeking out a therapist in your state.  Happy busting!




Learning More About an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover

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One of my most popular #FetishFridays segments is on Adult Baby Diaper Lovers as a “fetish” (remember, we use that term loosely around just fun, fetish-y, fantasy, and fantastic sex play”).  With over 10,000 views and counting, its the most viewed YouTube video I have on my channel- which begged me to write a blog around Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers.

Some of the information I have written here is from a presentation from the 2018 AASECT Annual Conference entitled.  “Talk about Taboo! Interpreting the World of Age Play: Adult Babies, Diaper Fetishes, Littles and Middles” by Rhoda Lipscomb, PhD, CST.

You can read more about her study on AD/DL’s here with her doctoral dissertation here.

There is a lot more information out there for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers but here is just a general overview around AB/DL.  My aim is to allow AB/DLs to be able to find an affirming and non-judgmental sex therapist to help them when they feel like they need therapy!  AB/DLs often report not feeling comfortable sharing with their therapist their enjoyment of AB/DL for fear of judgment or fear that they might be linked in with a sex offender category.  This isolates AB/DLs even more, and encourages shame and secrecy.


Clinical Definitions (according to DSM- highly pathological and I don’t diagnose any of my clients with these diagnosis nor agree with how they apply, these terms might be something to be aware of.

  • Paraphilic infantilism (needs to be significant distress or impairment around
  • Autonepiophilia (fetishistic side)

Common Terms

Adult Baby or AB:
“An adult baby is a mature person who likes pretending to be an infant. An adult baby may play the role of a baby full-time or only some of the time. The lifestyle adult babies practice is known as infantilism.Being an adult baby can be a way for some people to enjoy a sexual fetish known as paraphilic infantilism or adult baby syndrome. However, some adult babies have no sexual motivation for their role and enjoy engaging in playing activities. Most adult babies play infants of their own gender. However, some adult babies, known as sissy babies, play infants of the opposite gender (Kinkly, 2018).  Adult babies can be sexually fetishistic, yet also possible to be non-sexual.  More of an ego state or identity.”

(Please note: the videos in this blog helpful but I don’t always agree with the language or representation in the video, but I think it does do a decent job of sharing these particular ABDLs experiences).

Diaper Lover or DL:

“Diaper fetishism is a sexual fetish where an individual derives sexual pleasure from either wearing a diaper, seeing others wear diapers, or both.

Diaper fetishism is associated with infantilism and child-like fantasies. For some individuals it is only the thought of wearing a diaper, or the thought of someone else wearing a diaper that causes sexual arousal, while for others it is the infant/caretaker role-play that stimulates excitation. For some individuals it is messing (urinating or defecating) in a diaper that is the source of arousal.

Diaper fetishism can also be used within the context of BDSM activity, where the diaper is used as a source of humiliation” (Kinkly 2018).  Diaper lovers are a sexual fetish by classic definition.diapers photoAB/DL– both a little bit of diapers and a little bit of adult babies


Little refers to a submissive person who role plays a younger age. The little is the little girl or little boy in a daddy-dom BDSM role playing act. This person is dominated by a daddy. In rarer instances, the dominant person may be a mommy. The little dresses for the part. They also alter their voice to seem younger.

A middle is an adult who roleplays as an older child during age play scenarios. A middle is known as a type of age player.

Typically, a middle pretends to be someone aged from 11 to 17. Middles roleplay being older than adult babies and littles, but younger than bigs.

A big can also be called a Caregiver/Babysitter/Big/Mommy/Daddy: These terms are usually used to describe the one in charge. Feel free to identify with whatever term makes you feel most comfortable. (Kinkly.com)

Age Play

Ageplay is the idea of role playing someone of a different age than you biologically are. Many ageplayers prefer picking a role in the younger ages such as an infant, a toddler, a younger child, or a teenager. The specific age someone prefers will be unique to the person themselves.  (This video is helpful but I don’t always agree with the language or representation in the video, but I think it does do a decent job of sharing these particular ABDLs experiences).


  • This is not pedophilia.  This is erotic play and erotic theater, where consenting adults use their imaginations
  • There is a HUGE difference between coercive vs. non-coercive behavior:
    • When you don’t have the consent of others to be a part of your scene (public place) or when you participate with children/ACTUAL similar aged peers (playing on the playground with other three year olds when you are an age player).
  • ABDL Continuum
    • A survey that Lipscomb (2018) cited says that more people on the diaper lover side (sexualized) than the Adult Baby side
  • Sexual vs. Anxiety Reduction
  • Regression vs. Roleplay
    • Regression: the person thinks as a child of that age would think and act.  Even in deep regression the individual essentially is stil an adult with access to adult ab

Why am I an adult baby `


GENDER: 86% Male, 8% Female* (this was reported as being a very low statistic and that a lot more women involved), 6% transgender continuum

DEVELOPMENT: First interest is similar for males and females with peaks at approximately ages 3-6 and pre-puberty 10-12.  Women are more likely to develop an interest after the age of 20.

WHERE DOES IT COME FROM: Cause is unknown.  Most likely many possible causes.
– Trauma: research shows only 2-3% relate to trauma
– 54% surveyed thought it might be stumbling across AB/DL reference or being introduced by friend/lover
– 30% believe they may have been born with desire to wear diapers
Lot more research needs to be done.


Most AB/DLs come to therapy for a lot of reasons that many other people come to therapy for and don’t have hugely different issues from other populations.  Here is a list of common issues that clients who identify as AB/DL present with in therapy:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Embarassment
  • Fear of being judged or thought to be a pedophile
  • Learning self-acceptance
  • Explaining to partner/family


AB/DL’s benefit a lot from therapy

  • Self-acceptance
  • Stress/anxiety reduction
  • Improve depression
  • Anger reduction
  • Sleep
  • Acceptance of partner/family
  • Balance between Big and Little Side


  • Fear of psychiatric community
  • Most advise others to seek therapy; won’t go themselves
  • 53% have seen a therapist, 21% have gone, never mentioned AB/DL, 13% mentioned it while there for other issues, 7% did therapy because of pressure from family/partner, only 5% went because they wanted help with their AB/DL interests


As a therapist who specializes in working with AB/DL, I aim to do a lot of

  • Co-occurring disorders: anxiety, depression, OCD, sleep difficulty, alcohol/drug abuse
  • Using interest in diapers to help treat some of these disorders
  • Bring balance between Big and little side

More Resources to learn more about AB/DLs:


Littles: Affects and Aesthetics in Sexual Age-Play

A Qualitative Exploration of Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Behavior From an Online Community Sample

Couples and AB/DLs, including podcast and blog: 

The Little Lounge

Dream a Little Podcast


There’s A Baby in my Bed by Rosalie Bent

Adult Babies: Psychology & Practices by Rosalie Bent


Teddy Con


Other AB/DL Conventions

A few other therapists that have expressed a skillset in working with AB/DLs:

Jennifer Rehor, LMFT, CST
Hernando Chaves MFT, DHS 

Colorado: Dr. Rhoda Lipscomp

Kentucky: Lanie Hopping, MA, LPA

Maryland: Stefani Levin, MSW, LCSW-C

North  Carolina: Krista Nabar, PsyD, LP, HSPP

Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and Texas: ME!  Rhiannon Beauregard, MA, LMFT-S, CST

Furries, Therians, Pets and Pups

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My #FetishFriday segments touch upon furries and pony play but I wanted to dive a little deeper into the topic of furries, therians, pets, and pups as well as pony play in order to reach out to a large group of folks that might be seeking out sex therapy services but don’t know where to find an affirming and furry-friendy and pet-aware therapist.

For those of you who don’t know what all this means, that’s okay!  I ask that you read this blog with an open mind AND to be open to perhaps one of these topics is exactly what you might be missing in your own sex and fantasy life (and that many of these personas/identities have little to nothing to do with sex).

For those of you who DO know what this all means, I am hoping by writing this blog, you’ll have more hope on finding an affirming and knowledgeable therapist who won’t pathologize or judge your play/identity.  If you are located in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, or Texas, I can work with you online or in person in Austin, TX.  If you live beyond those states, I would recommend checking out www.aasect.org to help you find an affirming therapist to work with- after all, furries have therapy needs too right?

A lot of the information I am presenting in this blog come from my own clinical experience and training as well as drawn from the presentation “Furries and Pets and Therians, Oh my! Exploring Humanimal Intersubjectivities” presented by Carly Goodkin at the 2018 AASECT Conference.


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So let’s get going!  Let’s start with some definitions so we know what we are talking about here (and if it isn’t clear with what we are talking about, feel free to do some of your own research on what it is that we are talking about!):

Furries: someone with an interest in anthropomorphic animals.

Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

Fursonas: an avatar or alter ego that someone role-plays or identifies as when interacting with other members of the community of furries, also known as the Furry Fandom

Furries is not zoophilia or beastiality.  The majority of furries do not cite sexual gratification as their main motivator (International Anthropomorphic Research Project, 2016)

Pet Play: form of role-play in which one of the multiple participants adopt the role of domesticated, wild, livestock, or mythical animal.  What one might do as a pet:

  • Eating
  • Resting
  • Training
  • The pet may exhibit traditionally animalistic characteristics, such as extensive non-verbal communication featuring animal noises, biting, and nuzzling
  • Pets may interact with each other at conventions

Often associated with the kink community and power exchange.  There might be packs associated with pets, that might have a hierarchy.  There is a lot of gear and the gear/toys generally fall into two categories (gear that help you channel that animal identity- tails, ears, clothes or gear that you would have to play with a pet- leashes, bowls, pet toys).  Pet play can be a scene pet (playing as a pet only in a scene) or a lifestyle pet (playing as a pet as a greater identity in their own lifestyle- home, public, school, work?).

Human Pets: Some individuals engage in human-pet play, a form of role-play in which an individual is treated as a pet without taking on animal characteristics.            Below is a great online petplay class by a youtuber that will walk you through her experience of petplay and being a human pet.

Therian/Therianthrope: People who believe that they are, in whole or in part, a non-human animal and this is part of their core being spiritually or mentally

There is sometimes an Awakening: realizing and accepting that you are a therian and some therians identify as transpecies and draw parallels with transgender narratives.   There can also be mental and/or physical shifting: perceived changes in one’ mental state or aura from human to animal.

Otherkin: People who identify, in whole, or in part, of something non-human:
– Divine
– Monsterkin
– Aviankin
– Godkin
– Spacekin
– Alienkin
– Angelkin

There is a great YouTube Channel: Therian Nation that can explain these concepts more in detail than I do here.  Here is their intro video:

Working with Furries, Pets, Pups, and Therians in the Therapeutic Context

As an affirming therapist and aware and friendly of the furry, pet, pup, therian and kink communities, I want to make sure that my clients who identify in these populations at the very least feel comfortable with not only sharing with their therapist how they identify/play but also feel comfortable that their therapist will not judge or pathologize them for being a part of these communities.

Many furries report not feeling comfortable either going to therapy or sharing with their therapist they participate in this community because of fear of judgment and lack of understanding and the fear of being stereotyped into a category of people that only participates sexually in this identity.  As mentioned before, most furries do not participate for the main reason of sexual gratification.

Why do People Participate/Identify as these Identities?

So why do people participate in these identities? A lot report that it feels more natural (therians) and that this is a fundamental part of their identity.  Some share that it is a social and emotional outlet for them and that they built a strong community within the communities around participate (furries).  Many enjoy the erotic, imaginative, and playful nature of the play (pups, pets, and ponies).  Almost all report a change in their headspace.

Headspace: a basic mindset permission to go away from executive functioning and going primal.

“Great psychological and emotional release to be able to come home and let loos the restrictions of humanity and what humans are ‘supposed to be like'”.  – Skylerpet

People often report that getting into their character or playing in these scenes allows them to let go of human stressors, expectations, anxieties and just be more primal and basic in their play.

Others report that this is the only time they find that allows them to explore their identity and sense of self.

Identity and self-exploration: People share that taking on animal forms allow them to express or explore an innate part of self, and gives them the opportunity to explore different characteristics culturally associated with animals (pups are playful, foxes are mischievous, mules are stubborn, bunnies are timid).  This augments their inner strengths and allows them to create an identity that is an idealized version of self.

Gender and Sexual Orientation Exploration: It allows people to the opportunity to play with fantasy around gender and sexual orientation.

Provides expanded social experiences: People cite this as one of the main reasons for playing and exploring these areas.  Playing/being in these spaces allow stronger nonverbal forms of interaction and broadened forms of physical affection.  Movement beyond normative forms of social interaction to experience altered communication and physical contact could be enjoyable for people.  Many are seeking novelty and often participants report having higher levels of skin hunger.  These communities can easily accommodate and welcome those who have language barriers, who might typically struggle with socializing, and who are differently abled physically or mentally.  Where people may have not felt that they belonged in other social experiences, these communities are very inclusive.

Community Inclusivity: These communities have an emphasis on acceptance and inclusivity, including people who are marginalized on basis of gender identity and sexual orientation and disability status.

Escape from Oppressive Structures: These spaces allow participants to escape from oppressive structures and experience a freedom from the ways they SHOULD be.

With a combination of headspace, inclusivity, and expanded ways of interacting can mean an escape from: capitalist/materialistic concerns and oppression, homophobia, transphobia, racism, body shaming, ableism, and other issues of the world… where else can someone get this?

Expanded BDSM Experiences: human-animal intersubjectivity may offer different experiences of subjugation, humiliation, or degradation; dependence or caregiving especially in a pet/owner dynamic.

Sex as a Motivator: For some people sexual gratification is a primary or partial motivator.  This can be through watching content, in-person interactions, and online chatting or roleplaying.  There is a common interest to meet partners who participate and are accepting of the lifestyle.  But as I mentioned several times, most do not participate for sex or sexual interactions as a main, primary motivator.

A subset of furry pornography is called “Yiff” which is defined as furry content porn.

Yiffing: is the act of having sex when you are this furry mindset.  Most people are not having sex in their fur suits: expensive, hard to clean, and really hot.

 More Research on Anthropomorphism

International Anthropomorphic Research Project




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Hopefully, this piece has helped to explain these often misunderstood but very delightful sexual subcultures.  If you are a furry, therian, pet, pup, pony and any way you are and are looking for a therapist, feel free to reach out at the number or email below.