Recently, I published a #FetishFriday episode on pantyhose fetish and what ensued really was quite impressive (See my full channel here:

My two most popular videos were on the site for 11 and 10 months and grossed over 10,000 and 7,800 views respectively (those were on #AdultBabyDiaperLovers and #Ballbusting).  My Pantyhose Fetish #FetishFriday video was on YouTube for just ONE WEEK and grossed over 6,200 views… making me think that perhaps folks who are into pantyhose fetish are really looking for information and there are a LOT of people out there that like it.  So I figured I would write a blog on some of the questions that people brought up about Pantyhose Fetishes and provide more information on this pleasurable and popular fetish.

Who is into Pantyhose Fetish?

There aren’t many statistics about what genders likes pantyhose fetishes or how each gender participates.  Generally, more men than women like to see women in pantyhose and eroticize women wearing pantyhose.  Men also like to wear pantyhose.   Women often like wearing pantyhose and enjoy how it feels and looks, but also like turning their partner(s) on.  Non-binary/trans/queer folks also love pantyhose and I would suspect that this fetish is high up on the list for folks who are transgender as well as those that like trans/non-binary and queer.  So in short, I’d say its probably a pretty popular fetish amongst all genders and probably an equal amount of people like to wear as like to see others wear.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any good data about people who like pantyhose so I’m just giving you my best estimates.

Some reports say that more men than women enjoy this fetish, but I don’t really think we have the data to back that up (Kinkly, 2018).  One blogger described pantyhose fetish as “male-dominated” but again I think actual data is limited:

How do pantyhose fetishists like to participate with pantyhose?

pantyhose photoThis is largely variant, some like to wear it, some like to touch it, some like to see others wear it, some like to sniff it, some like to watch someone put it on or take it off, some like to be tied up with it, some like to be choked by it, some people like to be gagged by it, some like to be forced to wear it, some like to buy it, and on and on it goes.  Pantyhose is such a versatile tool sexually that it can be used for just about anything!

Below are some ways that people get sexually and sensually aroused with pantyhose through their pantyhose fetish (can be one, multiple, or all!):

  • Wearing pantyhose
  • Watching others wear pantyhose
  • Buying pantyhose
  • Watching others put on/take off pantyhose
  • Using pantyhose as bondage restraints and gags
  • Putting on and off pantyhose
  • Being forced to wear pantyhose

What are some theories on why people are into pantyhose?

There appears to be three main reasons why people like pantyhose:

  1. They like the way it looks
  2. They like the way it feels
  3. They like the idea of it

One blogger described her love of pantyhose in this way:
“Pantyhose possess enormous power, yet, by design, they are extremely delicate and feminine, causing an irresistible vulnerability for the wearer.” (ActSensuous Blog, 2008)

My thoughts are that pantyhose are a very sensual material, and activate a lot of different senses:

    • Visual: the look of pantyhose, either the way you look in it or the way that someone else looks in them
    • Tactile: the feel of the pantyhose- this is a predominant reason why, people love the way pantyhose feels on them or when they touch them or how it feels to have their legs rub together in them.  The tactile sense is highly activated with pantyhose.  Also, people report how sliding pantyhose into a show is also very smooth and pleasurable, so how a pantyhosed person interacts with other objects, like clothes, shoes, etc.
    • Olfactory: the smell of pantyhose, specifically how pantyhose makes genitals and feet smell.  Traditionally, pantyhose aren’t a very “breathable” material and often cause feet and genitals/groin to sweat/perspire more, which creates more odor and a special type of odor- which many people report as being very pleasurable.  Foot smelling is a fetish in and of itself, and is often accentuated by pantyhose.  Here is my #FetishFriday video on #Footsmelling:

  • Taste: I am not sure if pantyhose has a particular taste, but it relates to the above odor/perspiration that pantyhose inspires that relates to taste with oral sex and feet licking.  From the increased perspiration, increase the odor (not always bad, just different and specific) that people find very pleasurable.
  • Auditory: I think this sense is very subtle and can either be no sound at all, or just a subtle rubbing/sliding sound when they are worn.  But also can be very activating of sexual arousal.

 Are there any thoughts to why this fetish is created?

This is an interesting question.  Many people point to this fetish being created in an older generation of sexually active adults, specifically those that might have had female teachers, babysitters, caregivers, even their parents secretaries when they were little sort of always following a dress code of “women wear hose and heels” and so their eroticization of womens’ legs and pantyhose stemmed (no pun intended 🙂 from these early experiences.

I think also the sensual nature of pantyhose contributes to why people like it and why it is eroticized.

Across the board, most experts agree that a pantyhose fetish often begins in childhood, but that isn’t to say that some people develop pantyhose fetishes in young adulthood and adulthood.

Here are some thoughts by pantyhose users on how their fetish developed:

“I think mine developed over time as my Grandma would raise her skirt and adjust her stockings quite frequently. She had great legs for her age and overtime I would watch for her to adjust. I even found myself looking for women getting in or out of car doors as we all now Leg shots occur. As a Truck Driver I found myself gazing into passing cars on the highway. I also wore them at every chance I got at the homes of my Aunts and of course my own mom’s. until I could purchase them on my own. Internet buying made it even easier. Earliest time I can remember is around ten years old and I still war them off and on at 67.” (DB, 2018)

“What drives my passion for pantyhose on women? Like many other comments on this post, it started during childhood. My mother was…and still is a very elegant woman. My 4th grade teacher wore dresses, pantyhose and heels all the time. In middle school the passion really kicked up a few nothces. That’s when I really started liking girls, and girls back then in the 80’s wore them all the time. Yes. In middle school. With dresses and high heels. So did some of the teachers. My stepmother also was, and still is very elegant and wore them all the time. So I assume my father liked them too, we have never discussed this, but it is evident that my taste for women who wear them followed along with his. Pantyhose legs always got my attention, even before puberty. Then there was the TV commercials, Daisy Duke, and the Solid Gold Dancers. My junior year I lost my virginity to my step-sister. She wasn’t my step-sister yet at the time. It was when my Dad was dating my step-mother. She was six years older than me, and we got along great. For some reason she was comfortable to be around….and like her mom….wore pantyhose all the time. They even looked more like sisters rather than mom and daughter. Anyways, my first sexual experience was with a lady in pantyhose. It was quite a sensation, and from that moment on I was locked in, and began to rapidly climb out of my shell.” (AxelX10, 2017)

“I didn’t know about my fetish at the time but a few years ago my mom told me when I was a young child around three or four years old I would sit under the dining room table after church or whatever and feel on women’s legs that were in pantyhose like my aunts, my mom’s friends or whoever was wearing them. Not In a sexual way of course but she guessed that I just like the feel of them or something … My mom doesn’t know about my fetish with pantyhose, legs and feet as an adult, but when she told me that story at random I knew then … That’s where it first began for me. My fetish for legs, pantyhose and feet has only grown.” (Ink, 2017)

What are some other fetishes that might go along with a pantyhose fetish?

From my research and comments made by my viewers, people who are into pantyhose can also be into a variety of other kinks and fetishes out there including:

    • Foot smelling fetish (pantyhose often creates a sweaty, odorous foot which many foot smelling kinky folk just love)
    • Foot fetish (with pantyhose)
    • Being into legs (shapely, long, strong, etc.)
    • School girl fetish (as they wear pantyhose)
    • High heel fetish (with pantyhose)

If you want more information about pantyhose as a fetish, this blog post and then the HUNDREDS of comments on it provides a really rich source of education and experience from all different types of folks that enjoy pantyhose- I highly recommend the read:

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