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Pantyhose Fetish

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Recently, I published a #FetishFriday episode on pantyhose fetish and what ensued really was quite impressive (See my full channel here: youtube.com/RhiannonBeauregard). My two most popular videos were on the site for 11 and 10 months and grossed over 10,000 and 7,800 views respectively (those were on #AdultBabyDiaperLovers and #Ballbusting). 

Learning More About an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover

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One of my most popular #FetishFridays segments is on Adult Baby Diaper Lovers as a “fetish” (remember, we use that term loosely around just fun, fetish-y, fantasy, and fantastic sex play”).  With over 10,000 views and counting, its the most viewed YouTube video I have on my channel- which begged

The Risks and Benefits of Sexting

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Sexting didn’t exist when I was an adolescent and young adult, but I am glad it exists now!   Back in the day, sexting for me was as elaborate as a note that asked if someone would go out with me and had a yes and no check box.  Or