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Coronavirus: Work from home, Do Therapy, and HAVE SEX! Sex Therapy during a time of Crisis

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Coronavirus is SCARY.  There is a lot of misinformation out there and the information that is out there is constantly changing.   One thing is certain and that all information sources agree: staying home is safer than being out and about in public and reduces your chances of contracting/spreading germs, illness,

Chronic Illness and Sex

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One of the most common problems I see in my sex therapy practice is people facing concerns about chronic illness and sex.  Chronic illness is defined as an illness that lasts longer than 3 months and according to the National Health Council (2018), chronic illness affects approximately 133 million people

Sex and Anxiety

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Sex and anxiety are often tied closely together with clients seeking out sex therapy presenting also with anxiety issues.  Anxiety is often the most commonly found emotion tied into sex and sexual dysfunction, and it is important that we address anxiety issues just as much as we address sex issues

Do-It-Yourself Dating: Part 1- Pre-Dating

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Do-It-Yourself Dating: Part 1- Pre-Dating One of my favorite areas to counsel people is in the area of dating.  It is such a meaningful and exciting time for people, yet very rarely do I think people go into dating with thought, knowledge, and intention.  Dating is one of the MOST

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Breaking up is hard to do.  There are wrong ways to do it, better ways to do it, but regardless of what goes down, ending a relationship through breaking up, divorce, or other ways is a process and a transition.  No matter what happens, there will be pain.  Here are

Tantra Sexuality: Weaving Spirit and Sex

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Tantra Sexuality: Weaving Spirit and Sex Sit or lay down, with your partner or with yourself.  And breathe.  A deep, abdominal breath.  And do it again.  And just by breathing, you have the foundation of improving your sexual experience through tantra sexuality. An area of interest of mine for some

Five Sexual Products I Can’t Live Without

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This might be a little bit of a topical blog, but I often write about really serious stuff, and here I just want to tell you about the five sexual products I can’t live without.  Let’s just have some fun and I’ll tell you why I like them. Uberlube I

The Risks and Benefits of Sexting

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Sexting didn’t exist when I was an adolescent and young adult, but I am glad it exists now!   Back in the day, sexting for me was as elaborate as a note that asked if someone would go out with me and had a yes and no check box.  Or

Sex Coaching, Sex Counseling, Sex Therapy

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There are so many words that people type into search engines when they are looking for some extra help in their sex lives (sex coaching, sex counseling, sex therapy), and sometimes when I am looking through my website data, I am surprised at what people search for, and how many different

“Female Viagara” Treatment for Low Sexual Desire: Win or loss for Female Sexual Health

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A lot of press has been given to the FDA Approval of flibanserin or Addyi, marketed as the “Female Viagara” by the media in the last few months and I wanted to briefly weigh in on my thoughts about this pharmaceutical. First, flibanserin really isn’t the “female viagara” as Viagara for