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Breath and Good Sex

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There is such a strong connection between breath and good sex.  I’ve written about it before in previous blogs and if you are a client or want to be a client, you’ll know that we work a lot on deep breathing and meditation. At the 2017 American Association for the

Five Sexual Products I Can’t Live Without

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This might be a little bit of a topical blog, but I often write about really serious stuff, and here I just want to tell you about the five sexual products I can’t live without.  Let’s just have some fun and I’ll tell you why I like them. Uberlube I

Common Barriers to Good Sex

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Being nearly 10 years in practice, over the last decade, I have been able to identify some common barriers to good sex within relationships.  Here is a brief blog on some common barriers I have found.  If you have some of these barriers, it’s important to do the work to