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Breath and Good Sex

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There is such a strong connection between breath and good sex.  I’ve written about it before in previous blogs and if you are a client or want to be a client, you’ll know that we work a lot on deep breathing and meditation. At the 2017 American Association for the

Tantra Sexuality: Weaving Spirit and Sex

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Tantra Sexuality: Weaving Spirit and Sex Sit or lay down, with your partner or with yourself.  And breathe.  A deep, abdominal breath.  And do it again.  And just by breathing, you have the foundation of improving your sexual experience through tantra sexuality. An area of interest of mine for some

Five Sexual Products I Can’t Live Without

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This might be a little bit of a topical blog, but I often write about really serious stuff, and here I just want to tell you about the five sexual products I can’t live without.  Let’s just have some fun and I’ll tell you why I like them. Uberlube I