No Habla Espanol: It’s difficult to find resources in Spanish for anything to do with sexual issues. Recently, a colleague of mine asked if I had any Spanish resources for sexual issues as she had a client that was looking for resources to assist with some dyspareunia and vaginismus.  Off the top of my head, I didn’t know of any, but felt like it was a great question and in efforts to be culturally competent and inclusive, here is what a short search online resulted in.

(Note: While I do have some basic knowledge of Spanish [seven years and several weeks in Spain should provide that] I don’t have the language skills to review all of these resources so I cannot personally vouch for these resources entirely)
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En La Mujer (For the Woman)

Vaginismo (Vaginismus)


Dolor Pelvico (Pelvic Pain)
IBRO: Sana El Dolor Pelvico

Sexualidad para la mujer con cáncer (Sexuality and Cancer)

Disfuncion Sexual Mujeres (Sexual Dysfunction in Women)

El Sistema Reproductor Femenino (Female Reproductive System)

Disfuncion Orgasmica (Orgasmic Dysfunction)

Por Los Hombres (For the Men)

Disfuncion Erectil (Erectile Dysfunction)

Problemas Sexuales Comunes La Disfuncin (Hombres y Mujeres)

Adictos Sexuales Anonimos:


Some additional resources that some colleagues have recommended include: (Mexico) (Argentina)