Resources and Apps Related to Sex Therapy, BDSM, and Therapy

I recently facilitated a workshop entitled “50 Shades of Gray Areas When Working with Sex and Sexuality”.  I wanted to share just a few resources from my personal library as well as some resources that I know about.

A note about the resources.  Some of these resources I have used personally and with clients and some of these resources I just know about.  Please use your discretion on whether they are appropriate for your clients.  Also, be aware that the use of some of these apps may have some HIPAA considerations so do your research if there is a concern.   Some are free, some cost if you want to use them more than an introductory period, and some cost just to use.   When making any recommendation, it is always encouraged to read, view, and/or try out the resource before recommending.

Apps for Therapy
These can be used for any type of therapeutic goal. 
Hay House Vision Board App – helps create digital vision boards using photos and internet images
Moody Me Mood Diary and Tracker – tracks mood and has a journal function
Coggle– a program on your computer for mind mapping

Apps for Meditation
The apps are great for working with busy brains around life and sex.  

List and Document Apps
These can be used for therapeutic tasks/journalling amongst other things. 

Tracking Apps
Tracking is a WONDERFUL way to gain awareness to the actual problem the clients are facing in a realistic and accountable way.  A great technique that often can show the client something they didn’t see before.  
Track and Share– can track ANYTHING and really helps with tracking sexual issues, desire, etc.
Counted– a great app for counting anything

BDSM Resources
Brame, G., & Brame, W. (1993). Different loving: An exploration of the world of sexual dominance and submission. New York: Villard Books.

Brame, G. (2014). Come hither a commonsense guide to kinky sex. New York: Touchstone.
Fowler, F. (n.d.). Fifty shades of chicken: A parody in a cookbook.
James, E. (n.d.). Fifty shades of Grey.
Other Resources (just a couple from the presentation)
Hertlein, K. (2009). Systemic sex therapy (Second ed.).
Hertlein, K., & Weeks, G. (2009). A clinician’s guide to systemic sex therapy. New York: Routledge.
Leiblum, S. (2007). Sexuality and Culture. In Principles and practice of sex therapy (4th ed.) New York: Guilford Press
Schnarch, D. (1991). Constructing the sexual crucible: An integration of sexual and marital therapy. New York: Norton.
For more information regarding the above resources or my practice, please feel free to contact me at rhiannon[at] or 603.770.5099 or by using the form below.  I am available for professional consultations, clinical supervision, and mentoring.