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Is Online Sex Therapy Right for Me?

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Is online sex therapy right for you?  Clients are sometimes hesitant to start sex therapy online, preferring to see me in person.  But that quickly changes when they realize how many benefits there are to seeing me online. In fact, many clients who have the option to see me in

Ten Reasons Why Online Sex Therapy Works (Maybe Better Than In-Person Sex Therapy?)

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I get asked this question all the time: from professionals, from prospective clients, from strangers on the street (well not really, but sometimes!).  And like most blogs I write, the answer isn’t simple OR short-winded! I became interested in online therapy after I moved my practice from the metropolitan area

“Text Therapy On the Rise”- Do these reports help or hurt our field?

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There is no such thing as bad publicity, right?  (I did a little research into that phrase and apparently it is often associated with Phineas T. Barnum, the 19th century American circus owner… interesting source… has anyone read “Water for Elephants)? I like the 100 year old version published in the